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PGA Professional
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Individual Private Lesson
Three (3) Lesson Series Package
Five (5) Lesson Series Package
The individual private lesson is a one-on-one experience, focusing between one and two areas of your game to make lasting improvements. Individual Private Lessons are recommended for those who have never played golf before, or for more experienced golfers looking to build on their skills. Utilizing the V1 golf software program, a recorded video of your swing with analysis is available. 

Lesson Length: Either 30 or 60 minute lessons

Adults: $40 (30 minutes) 
            $60 (60 minutes)

Customized lesson packages are provided ranging from individual private lessons, group lessons, corporate clinics, or "on-course" playing lessons. 

Lessons are scheduled based on your availability, and are offered 7 days a week throughout the year. 

Please arrive 10 minutes early to the lesson. You do not have to own your own clubs.

Click on the Contact tab at the top of the page, or fill out the Request Information form on the right of the page to book your next lesson. 

The three (3) lesson series package is intended for those players that are looking to build on their knowledge more extensively, or need help with multiple parts of your game. With the purchase of a lesson package, a video analysis using V1 golf software is included.

Lesson Length: Approximately 60 minutes per lesson

Adults: $165 

The five (5) lesson series package a comprehensive game evaluation, typically concentrating on all aspects of the game. The five lesson series package also includes one "on course" lesson as well. 

Lesson Length: Approximately 60 minutes per lesson

Adults: $250

Seven (7) Lesson Series Package
The seven (7) lesson series package is for the serious golfer who is commited to bringing their game to the next level. These lessons cover all aspects of your game, and are designed for long-term improvement. On course and video analysis are included with this lesson package.

Lesson Length: Approximately 60 minutes per lesson

Adults: $315

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